MicroCinema Theatre Rentals for Private Parties & Events

We have a MICROCINEMA space of 30 seats that is available for private parties and events. Bring your own DVD or Blu-Ray disc and enjoy a private screening with your friends.

The MicroCinema rental rates and rental periods are as follows:


6:30pm to 9:30pm:  $200.00

Friday-Sunday & Holidays:

3:00pm to 6:00pm: $300.00

6:30pm to 9:30pm: $350.00

Additional hours may be available under a rate of $100 per hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers regarding our MicroCinema rentals:

Q: How do I go about renting the MicroCinema?
A: Please email microcinema@frameonetheatres.com and ask about the date and time you’d like to reserve. You will get a response letting you know if your date is available, and if it’s not, some possible alternative dates. Once you’ve nailed down the time slot you’d like to rent, you will be sent a confirmation and our general terms and conditions in order to hold your time slot.

Q: What does a MicroCinema rental include?
A: You will have private use of the 30-seat MicroCinema room, and the use of its 13-foot screen, 1080p digital projector, 5.1 audio receiver, and Blu-ray/DVD player. Customers are welcome to bring in other HDMI compatible audio/visual equipment (please consult with management if bringing in outside equipment to ensure compatibility).

Q: What type of events can I hold in the MicroCinema?
A: The MicroCinema can be used for parties (birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, etc.), private movie screenings, corporate events, small theatrical performances, and more. If you have an idea that needs a screen or a small stage, we’re happy to host!

Q: Can I sell tickets for my event?
A: If you’re screening a copyrighted movie that you don’t own the rights to, then no. Use of the MicroCinema for movie screenings must be “private”. Private means that you can only invite friends and family to your screening. You can not allow members of the public into your event, ticket your event, or advertise your event in any way in any public forum (either physical or online).

If you’re screening your own original movie or you’re performing an original work, you’re welcome to host a public event. Public events can be ticketed and advertised, though the theatre does not provide those services. All public events must be approved by the theatre prior to booking the MicroCinema.

Q: Can I bring food into the MicroCinema?
A: Yes! You may bring any food you’d like for your event. The only limitation is that you can’t bring any heat sources into the building, ie: candles, hot plates, open flames, sterno, etc. Please be aware that there are no tables in the MicroCinema so food will need to be enjoyed from the cinema seats.

Q: Can I bring alcohol into the MicroCinema?
A: Unfortunately, no. There can be no outside beer/wine/liquor brought into the MicroCinema. However, the Somerville Theatre does have a beer and wine bar in the lobby.

Q: What doesn’t a MicroCinema rental include?
A: We can’t provide ticket sales or marketing for your event. We also do not provide staff to manage or supervise your event.

For information on renting the MicroCinema space at the Somerville Theatre, email microcinema@frameonetheatres.com.

For inquiries regarding renting out all other venues at the Somerville Theatre, including our cinemas and live event stages, please email Ian Judge, Creative Director at ijudge@frameonetheatres.com.