Somerville Theatre Rentals

Our main theatre of 840 seats is sometimes available for rental. It is both a film space and a live theater space, with a full theatrical stage. The theater seats 379 on the orchestra level and the balance of 461 seats in the balcony, including 22 spacious seats in the front mezzanine of the balcony. For General Admission shows, capacity is reduced to 825 seats. The stage is approximately 41′ wide and 22′ deep, with a 32′ wide proscenium. An Orchestra Pit that holds around 12-16 players is available; there is an additional $150 rental fee to have the pit cover removed. For performers there are two private dressing rooms, a third semi-private dressing room, a green room, and a bathroom. The main theater can show archival film prints in both 35mm and 70mm formats on a pair of beautifully maintained Norelco DP-70 projectors, and features Datasat/DTS, six track magnetic sound, and both Dolby 5.1 & Dolby 7.1 EX Digital Sound, with two subwoofers and 24 surround speakers throughout the auditorium for cinema presentations. The main theater can also show cinema content on an NEC 4K laser projection system.