Duration: 1 hour 35min Rated R Director: Martha Coolidge
Valley Girl in 35mm

Lovely teen Julie Richman (Deborah Foreman) is steeped in the excessive, pink-clad culture of the San Fernando Valley, complete with her narcissistic boyfriend, Tommy (Michael Bowen). At a party, however, Julie falls for an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy (Nicolas Cage), and the two begin an unlikely romance. Torn between fitting in with her superficial friends and embracing a more non-conformist lifestyle, Julie ultimately has to decide to stay with Tommy or take a risk with Randy.

Valley Girl is part of our FACE/OFF Series featuring films of John Travolta & Nicholas Cage each Tuesday night, through May 3rd’s screening of FACE/OFF.

After initially offering the role of Randy to Judd Nelson, who was unavailable, Director Martha Coolidge found 18-year-old Cage’s headshot in a discard pile. In an interview with the New York Times, Coolidge admitted that after Cage’s audition, “I said, ‘I want you in the film. I’m going to make you a star.’ I can’t believe I said that to him, but I did.”