The Way of the Dragon

Duration: 100m Rated R Director: Bruce Lee
The Way of the Dragon

Saturday Night Midnight Special

After the back to back triumphs of The Big Boss and Fist of Fury, Bruce Lee was given the chance to write, produce, and direct his third outing as a martial arts superstar.
He used the opportunity to add a touch of goofily entertaining comedy to the typically action-driven proceedings, which find him playing a rigorously trained martial artist who travels from Hong Kong to Rome to help his cousin, whose restaurant is being threatened by a gang of thugs.
Reaching new heights of virtuosity, Lee unleashes an astonishing display of nunchuck-swinging, fly-kicking mayhem, all culminating in one of his most breathtaking fights: an epic gladiatorial death match with Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum.

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