The Road to Ruane

Duration: 102m Director: Scott Evans, Michael Gill


Billy Ruane, legendary impresario of the 90s Boston indie music scene, promoted shows and inspired cult-like followings of bands by the likes of The Lemonheads, Dinosaur Jr., Elliott Smith, Pixies, Superchunk, Buffalo Tom, Pavement, and Sonic Youth. He set new standards for the gracious treatment of musicians. But underneath Billy’s exuberant cartoon-like demeanor and Harvard education, was the pain of a man with deep trauma. He also struggled with bipolar disorder and substance abuse, and was confounded by the weight of an endless supply of money.

Featuring dozens of interviews with the musicians Billy championed, his friends and family, rock journalists, a substantial video archive, voicemails, and animation… THE ROAD TO RUANE will share the ups and downs, bizarre stories, and life of a man who cut deep into the hearts of the many that knew and loved him.

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Director Scott Evans, Producer Pat McGrath, Producer Greg Dalton-Kay, Composer Sean Drinkwater, Composer Matthew Pierce, and Producer Mike Zarara


Michael Christopher (Vanyaland)

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