The Fugitive

Duration: 2h 7m Rated PG-13 Director: Andrew Davis
The Fugitive

30th anniversary of THE FUGITIVE

A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective . . . The chase begins!

Harrison Ford stars as the wrongly convicted Dr. Richard Kimble, and Tommy Lee Jones is U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard, his relentless pursuer, in this intense thriller based on the hit television series of the 1960s–The Fugitive. Kimble had the perfect life–a beautiful wife, medical career, an expensive townhouse–a perfect life until the night his wife was murdered, died in his arms and he was convicted of the crime. On his way to the penitentiary, Kimble escapes. Now, like hunted prey, he keeps running–determined only to find his wife’s murderer. Caught in a nightmare from which he cannot awaken, Dr. Richard Kimble is the fugitive.


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