Slaughterhouse Preshow - Return of the Living Dead

Slaughterhouse Movie Club presents: RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD on 35mm

Calling all creeps, freaks, and creatures of the night! The super ghouls and goblins from the Slaughterhouse Society are back-ack-ack from the grave and ready to party with one more edition of the Slaughterhouse Movie Club!

What is the Slaughterhouse Movie Club? Its equal parts creepshow and peepshow. It’s drag, it’s burlesque, it’s horror, and it’s B-movie camp all rolled into one sticky, candy-coated bite-sized delight! For the final show of the season we’re bringing you an ooky-spooky drag and burlesque pre-show followed by a screening of personal Slaughterhouse favorite RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD on 35mm! We’ll bring the tricks AND the treats, and we’ll feast on your brains while you feast your eyes on this KILLER lineup:

Celia Smokinbutts
Lili Lewaste
Maggie Maraschino
Katy Coffin
Throb Zombie &
Kimmy Moore
featuring Lucy Blue Skies and Madison Zayne
and Hosted by Her Royal Thighness, the Queen of Hair Whips, JANE DOE!

On SATURDAY, October 22nd, join us in our abattoir boudoir as the Slaughterhouse Society presents RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD on 35mm!

Pre-show tickets include the price of the film ($15 in advance, $20 at the door).
Pre-show at 8pm, movie screening at 9pm.