RUN LOLA RUN (Midnight-ish)

Duration: 81m Rated R Director: Tom Tykwer
Run Lola Run 25th Anniversary

Lola (Franka Potente) answers a call from her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), a small-time courier for a big-time gangster. He has a problem: His boss is coming to pick up 100,000 Deutsche Marks in 20 minutes, and he doesn’t have the money. With Manni’s life on the line, Lola runs through the streets of Berlin to reach him and somehow pick up 100,000 marks along the way, making split-second decisions and encountering acquaintances, family, and strangers. As the clock ticks down, the tiniest choices become life-altering (or life-ending), and the fine line between fate and fortune begins to blur.

Run Lola Run was a sensation when it was first released and grossed more than $7 million in the United States and Canada, becoming one of the highest-grossing non-English-language films ever at that time. The low-budget feature would eventually earn more than $22 million internationally. It launched both Potente and Tykwer’s international careers. 

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