Rebel Bit and Red Letter Daze

The Contemporary A Cappella Society presents…

Rebel Bit and Red Letter Daze

Boston Sings 2024

Enjoy a night of stellar performances from Rebel Bit, Red Letter Daze, and the winner of the Boston Sings [BOSS] A Cappella Festival Scholastic Competition from the night before. Rebel Bit is an innovative team of musicians, united in the aim of creating a soundscape combining vocal music and electronic experimentation. Their sound is affected by the various influences, from classical to modern and contemporary music, that have marked the artistic growth of the members of the group—Giulia Cavallera, Lorenzo Subrizi, Paolo Tarolli, and Guido Giordana. Red Letter Daze, a CARA-winning a cappella quartet, features MaryAnne Muglia, Celine Durney, Darby Lestin, and Emily Drum. The power group comprises accomplished arrangers, singers, educators, and producers from different corners of The United States. With over 300,000 TikTok followers, Red Letter Daze is celebrated for their unique and refreshing pop sound.

Rebel Bit and Red Letter Daze Tickets

Saturday April 20
7:30 pm