My Last Nerve

Duration: 90m Director: Adam LaBrie

Documents the life of a young research scientist, Max Glanz as he undertakes the fight of a lifetime to cure his father from a rare disease that has torn his family apart. The film reveals Max’s fifteen year journey to find answers before the clock runs out for his dad. Standing in his way are the institutions, hospitals and bureaucracies that he must navigate. Against all odds, Max finds hope in a unique species of mollusks with anticancer properties that are found in the deep arctic waters off the coast of Norway, that he believes holds the key to potentially reversing the nerve damage in his father and potentially saving millions more. This thought-provoking film showcases the real-world consequences of battling an invisible disease and offers a new perspective on how we value our health in America and the untapped potential of the natural world around us.

Expected to be in attendance at the festival:

Director Adam LaBrie and Subject Max Glanz

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