MS. 45

Duration: 1h 20m Rated R Director: Abel Ferrara

“It has a wild energy, like an exploding star cluster.”
— Stephanie Zacharek, THE VILLAGE VOICE

Eerie and unforgettable, MS. 45 is an essential snapshot of New York City in the early 1980s from Abel Ferrara (DRILLER KILLER, THE ADDICTION)—one of the greatest and most unique living filmmakers on the planet. Thana (Zoë Tamerlis) is a garment worker who’s had the ultimate bad day, as she’s assaulted twice in visceral fashion. Shocked to her core, Thana’s nights become consumed by vengeful prowls through the city, which result in men winding up on the wrong end of a bullet. Knocking the DEATH WISH rip-off subgenre into a new stratosphere, MS. 45 showcases a haunting performance from Tamerlis and Ferrara’s knack for transforming limited resources into genre revolutions.

MS. 45 is showing as a double feature with Abel Ferrara’s The Addiction

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