Meet Me in St. Louis in 35mm

Duration: 113 Rated NR Director: Vincente Minnelli
Meet Me in St. Louis

“Meet Me in St. Louis” is a classic MGM romantic musical comedy that focuses on four sisters on the cusp of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. In the end, love — accompanied by song, dance and period costumes — conquers all.

Meet Me in St. Louis was both a critical and a commercial success. It was the second-highest-grossing film of 1944, behind only Going My Way, and was also MGM’s most successful musical of the 1940s. Judy Garland stars in the film, but was reluctant to take the role as it was a return to teenage parts after successful appearances in adult roles. Meet Me in St. Louis was the first of five films on which director Vincente Minnelli and Garland worked together. She and Minnelli married the following year and divorced in 1951.

Meet Me in St. Louis is screening in 35mm with On the Waterfront as part of our Tale of Two Studios double feature series.

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