Lord Jim in 70mm

Duration: 154 Rated TBC Director: Richard Brooks
Lord Jim

Fresh from the back-to-back triumphs of Lawrence of Arabia and Becket, Peter O’Toole teamed with director Richard Brooks (In Cold Blood) for this impressive, handsomely mounted but rarely screened adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novel about a disgraced merchant seaman’s quest for redemption. Stripped of his sailing papers following an act of cowardice, a former first officer (O’ Toole) slips into the dissolute life of a South Seas drifter, until the day he comes to the aid of a cargo ship in distress and impresses the owner as someone who could be helpful in a native uprising against a warlord known as “The General” (Eil Wallach). Jim soon becomes a hero to the natives, but when a mercenary pirate (James Mason) appears hellbent on stealing their valuable treasure, a new battle looms.

Screening in 70mm as part of our 70mm & WideScreen Fest.

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Saturday June 15
2:00 pm
Main Theatre (Cinema 1)