Johnny Eager (35mm)

Duration: 107
Johnny Eager

When gambling mogul Johnny Eager (Robert Taylor) is introduced to the daughter of the local D.A., he concocts a plan to get back at her family and open an underground dog racing track in the process. Liz Bard (Lana Turner) cracks when Johnny stages a murder in front of her, however, foiling his intentions and forcing him to put love before his own needs for the first time. Don’t miss this classic thriller from Hollywood veteran Mervyn LeRoy (I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG, THE GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933), also featuring Van Heflin in his Academy Award-winning role as gangster Jeff Hartnett.

Showing as a 35mm double feature with Keeper of the Flame (35mm) as part of our Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid series.

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