Duration: 1h 37m Director: Johnnie To

The kung fu crusaders known as Thief Catcher (Maggie Cheung), Invisible Woman (Michelle Yeoh), and Wonder Woman (Anita Mui) return in this gritty, postapocalyptic sequel to the blockbuster Hong Kong action hit The Heroic Trio.

Following a devastating nuclear attack, Hong Kong’s clean water supply has fallen into the hands of a masked maniac intent on seizing political power—forcing the three fearless fighters to settle their differences and once again unite to stop him.

Notably darker in tone than its predecessor, Executioners finds director Johnnie To continuing to push his whirlwind action set pieces to new heights of cartoon craziness while adding grungy, dystopian atmosphere and a fresh dose of anti-authoritarian attitude.

Executioners is playing with The Heroic Trio as part of our Michelle Yeoh Double Feature.