Dracula vs Frankenstein

Duration: 91 Rated PG Director: Al Adamson
Dracula vs Frankenstein

For their ultimate schlock-horror epic, director Al Adamson and producer Sam Sherman brought together hippies, bikers, mad doctors, ax murders, acid trips, Oscar® nominees J. Carrol Naish and Russ Tamblyn, FREAKS star Angelo Rossitto, ‘Freak-Out Girl’ Regina Carrol, Famous Monsters editor Forrest J AckermanLon Chaney Jr. in his final film appearance, Zandor Vorkov (aka Roger Engel) as Dracula, lab gizmos from the original FRANKENSTEIN, and a climactic battle between the titular icons that remains unlike anything the screen has ever seen.

Dracula vs Frankenstein is showing with The Brain That Wouldn’t Die in our Attack of the B-Movies $5 double feature series.

Dracula vs Frankenstein Tickets

Sunday June 30
12:00 pm
Main Theatre (Cinema 1)