Cruel Summertime Sadness: A Tribute to Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey

Performing the music of icons Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey in stunning surroundings with stunning performers



NBC’s “the Voice” Cara Brindisi accompanied by a 7-piece band sings an epic set of Taylor Swift’s most requested pop anthems that make Swifties go bananas* featuring some of the best, most fun, and often hilarious drag performers and dancers *as determined over a year of 100+ Taylor Drag Brunches

Followed by a huge Lana Del Rey set by Haunted Speakeasy’s Niki Luparelli accompanied by the 11-piece Summertime Sadness Orchestra (including string quartet and harp!) breathing beautifully dark energy into Lana’s most epic cinematic songs. Featuring some of Boston’s best burlesque and drag performers. More like Lana Del Slay.

The 109 year-old haunted Somerville Theatre sets the stage for an otherworldly musical experience.

 🤘Testimonials 🤘

🗯 “It’s not easy to pick one of Taylor’s biggest anthems and portray the real emotions like Taylor does but she pulled it off.”

🗯 “[Cara’s] voice gives me the chills.”

🗯 “Taylor would be so proud”

🗯 “I cried lol it was beautiful”

🗯 “Niki Luparelli delivers the most stunning performance of Lana next to Lana herself. Ethereal vocals, full orchestration, and pitch perfect ambiance absolutely transports you to a sexier plane of existence.”

🗯 “Lana Del Rey writes some amazing songs and [Niki] drew every nuanced emotion out of the notes.”

🗯 “Definitely not disappointed.”

⭐ Cruel Summertime Sadness is a magical live, multi-sensory musical experience. Buy your tickets now to discover the music of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey in a wild new way!

General Info

📍 Venue: Somerville Theatre Main Stage

☺Seating is assigned on a first come first served basis in each zone

♿ Accessibility: this venue is wheelchair accessible

📅 Date Saturday, July 8th 9pm

⏳ Duration: 180-ish minutes (doors open 45 mins prior to the start time

👤 Age requirement: 18 years old or older.


💫Taylor Swift Cruel Summer Band💫

Cara Brindisi- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tim Lee- Drums
Allison Sigrist- Keyboard
Mike Barry- Bass
Owen Ross- Guitar
Backup Singers- A Glam B, Heather Rose


 Poise N’ Envy, Pearl Buttons, Zon Legacy Phoenix, Semi Sweet, Fonda Feeling, Villinda Vile

💫Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness Orchestra💫

Niki Luparelli- Lead Vocals
Tim Lee- Drums
Allison Sigrist- Keyboard
Brittany Karlson- Bass
Savoir Faire- Guitar
Olga Supernova- Violin
Cimone Phillips- Violin
David Jubinsky- Viola
Alan deLespinasse- Cello
Annabelle Lord-Patey- Harp
Backup singers- Joyll Smith, Angelica Teixeira,


Zon Legacy Phoenix, Poise N’ Envy, Pearl Buttons, Heather Rose, A Glam B, Ingride Denise, Miriam Rose

Cruel Summertime Sadness: A Tribute to Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey Tickets