Duration: 92m Director: Julia Halperin, Jason Cortlund

After the sudden deaths of her aging parents, Maria Gallucci returns to her childhood home on Cape Cod. When Maria’s estranged brother Nico (and his older girlfriend Sigrid) show up to help sort out the estate, tensions soon rise about how to best sell the decrepit house. While Maria and Sigrid forge an unexpected friendship, Nico’s emotional state becomes increasingly volatile. Is it the effects of an old brain injury, the toll of revisiting past family traumas, or something related to the strange vibrating hum that only Maria seems to hear?

Expected to be in attendance at the festival:

Director Julia Halperin, Director Jason Cortlund, Actor Blake DeLong, Actor Welker White, Actor Paula Jon DeRose, Cinematographer Jonathan Nastasi, and Producer Todd Remis

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