Duration: 1h 47m Rated R Director: Robert Kaylor


Frankie (Gary Busey) and Patch (Robbie Robertson) are partners in a traveling carnival who scam customers into wasting money on their dunk-tank act. At one of its small-town destinations, the carnival attracts 18-year-old Donna (Jodie Foster), a teenager bored with her annoying boyfriend and her job as a waitress. Donna joins the carnival as an exotic dancer and learns the ins and outs of carny life, but the developing love triangle between her, Frankie and Patch threatens to destroy their show.

“The reason Carny (1980) deserves a look isn’t due to anybody behind the camera, but due to the unique combination of manic energy and beyond the beyond naturism that Gary Busey displays in front of it. Believe it or not, the manic hee-hawing buffoon of reality television, was at one time (pre-motorcycle accident), one of the greatest actors of the seventies. Not just a talented journeyman character actor, but an acting giant.” – QUENTIN TARANTINO 

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