Prizes, monsters, space turtles, and the era of the magic matinee return in the Somerville Theatre’s ATTACK OF THE B-MOVIES!

This throwback series remembers a time when your allowance could give you hours of cheap thrills at the local moviehouse, back when monsters were monsters, and men were badly dubbed. Back when your ticket got you more than just 25 minutes of ads and one crummy CGI-fest – and instead gave you serials, cartoons, and two movies for one low price.

And if you didn’t live through that era, now is your time to see why generations found something inherently magical about the low-budget, high-energy experience of the B-Movie double feature. Your amazingly affordable $5 ticket gets you a different monthly double feature, and our special programme hosted by longtime local Sci-Fi Marathon host Major Tom.

August’s installment features KILLERS FROM SPACE and MESA OF LOST WOMEN

In 1954’s Killers from Space (directed by W. Lee Wilder, brother of Billy), bug-eyed beings from Astron Delta bring a nuclear scientist (Peter Graves) back to life as a spy.

Then in 1953s Mesa of Lost Women, a mad scientist attempts to create a race of super-women by injecting them with the life-fluids of insects.