Alice, Sweet Alice

Duration: 1h 42m Rated R Director: Alfred Sole
Alice, Sweet Alice
If You Survive This Night… Nothing Will Scare You Again.

Alice, Sweet Alice is an American psychological horror film that was first released as Communion in 1976, then as Alice, Sweet Alice in 1978, and again as Holy Terror in 1981. Directed and co-written by Alfred Sole, it is the feature film debut of Brooke Shields.

When a young girl named Karen is brutally strangled to death in the church where she was to receive her first Communion, the only suspect appears to be her older sister Alice, a strange and withdrawn girl who was jealous of the attention their mother gave Karen, and happily tormented her in retaliation. But could a 12-year-old girl be capable of such savagery? As more people perish at the hands of a merciless killer, Alice seems more and more likely as a suspect, while her grieving father works to prove her innocence.

Alice, Sweet Alice is playing in 35mm and is part of our Halloween Double Feature with Psycho (35mm).

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