Mahoning Drive-In Road Show at Somerville Theatre

The Mahoning Drive-In Theater, Pennsylvania`s all-retro, 35mm cult phenomenon is taking its show on the road! The premiere outdoor celluloid throwback destination for film fans the world over is bringing the love of cinema under the stars and the Drive-In vibe to East Coast theaters, screening 35mm prints of retro classics and deep cuts, along with live introductions, vintage trailers, snack bar ads and intermission reels, bringing the Drive-In to YOU! 

Hosted by members of the Mahoning Drive-In staff, the Mahoning Roadshow brings memories of warm summer nights and foggy windshields to cold winter months, recreating a night at the Drive-In for indoor audiences and bringing a little irreverence to independent and arthouse theaters in the Northeast.

On Sunday, April 7th, we present possibly the most shocking double feature you’ll see this week, two films rescued from the grimy vaults of 1970s Drive-In debauchery, guaranteed to put a shriek in your step and a chill in your thrill!

First up is what you don’t want from a night out with a date at the local passion pit…a DRIVE-IN MASSACRE (1976)!  Watch as hapless couples fall victim to the mysterious, murderous masher who stalks the rows of a California ozner in this body count bonanza filmed at an actual Drive-In!

We’ll take a short break while you gather your wits and steel your nerves for our second feature, Mario Bava’s slasher shocker A BAY OF BLOOD (aka TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE – 1971), in which a family gets murderously competitive when trying to seize an inheritance. Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

TWO films for the price of one, and ten times the SHOCKS!

Get ready to dial back the calendar to the good old days of cinema under the stars when The Mahoning Drive-In Theater comes to Somerville!

Tickets on sale now.